Kristina Kite Gallery

Nancy Lupo
July 1 - August 8, 2020
Open by appointment Monday - Saturday

Press Release


The new sculptures are called Tellers. I began making them in the late spring of 2019. They are composed of different kinds of accumulated paper; receipts, readings, security envelopes, origami paper, newspaper, foil wrappers, bank statements, toilet paper and glue. Their form is based on a model of farmer's market tents I had the idea to install in Pershing Square, where the sun is intentionally punishing. Their association to the paper fortune tellers that children make is evident, but here, installed horizontally, the crests and troughs makes several other pictures and a desperate glamour possible.

Open Mouth Digest is a 68 min video in which Camille Clair and I talk through walking, crowds, costumes and several adjacent ideas and anxieties. Something else happened in the course of this conversation which makes it impossible for me to leave. I recognize a self-portrait emerging. It's always hard to deal with the sound of your own voice but there is something extra ambivalent here. Characters in real life are always like that, both likeable and not. I'm considering these emerging characters in relation to three roles played by Sandrine Bonnaire, from À Nos Amours to Vagabond to La Ceremonie. Sometimes she is just kind of bratty and other times she is undeniably evil.

The setting of these new works, some of which I have been calling paintings, are punctuated by the anti-homeless elements of Thom Mayne's defensive architecture for the Caltrans Headquarters at 100 South Main Street in downtown Los Angeles and the lingering stage hieroglyphic from the 5th and Hill Street entrance to Pershing Square.

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A note about health and safety measures: All proper safety protocols will be taken to maintain a safe and healthy environment for appointments. Each appointment will be limited to one person or two people who are visiting together. We request that visitors wear a mask and practice social distancing. Masks and hand sanitizer will be available as needed. All common surfaces will be sanitized after each appointment. Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns you may have before your visit.